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How It Works

The Process is Simple and Easy


PC Capital LLC is an innovative company based in New York, NY and comprised of an expert team with years of industry experience in providing business owners with alternative financing.  Sometimes business working capital is necessary to give a business owner the needed boost in capital for inventory, renovations, payroll or expansion. Getting Business Working Capital and Credit Card Processing are two of our main goals at PC Capital LLC.  We have a few programs through which we achieve this:

Purchase Finance:

Fast, simple financing for your large purchases and contracts. Benefits include:

  • Additional access to working capital
  • Graduated and deferred monthly payment options
  • No application fees or down payment required

  • No effect on personal credit score
  • No hidden fees (not a promotional rate program)
  • Pre-Approval for future financing



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Convert your B2B invoices into immediate cash. Benefits include:

  • Seek out and take on new projects knowing you have working capital on hand, to continue running your business successfully. 

  • Cover your cash flow needs for payroll and materials at a much faster rate
  • Quick and easy set up process so you can begin closing payment gaps and start growing your business

Merchant Cash Advance

A fast, easy, and convenient way to access unrestricted cash. This can be done by either taking a small percentage of the credit card processing or ACH payment.

What We Look For:

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  • At least $75,000 in annual revenue
  • 4 months of bank statements and an application
  • Business bank account


Benefits include:

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  • Minimal paperwork and quick turnaround
  • Can be renewed for more capital before paying off balances
  • Short-term deals and fast access compared to traditional financing
  • Can fund between $2,000 to $2MM

No matter what type of financing works best for your business, we are here to offer personalized service for our clients. We can have funding available to you and your business within 24 to 48 hours (terms and conditions may apply). Although we are based in New York, we regularly work with clients throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.